Of stress and distress. 

It all boils down to these things I may have found a way in stressing to you, on the previous conversation we had or on a similar situation we have had before, but you have failed to grasp entirely:

I never meant for any of these to happen. I am merely reacting, as I have done loads of time before, based on the situation you present in front of me. Whatever things you do or decisions you make, I’ll always have something to react, may it be in a positive or in a negative way. Or however immature they are to you.

There is hardly any competition. Okay, there may have sometimes but this time around it’s only fair to ask something in exchange for a lost time. You know this. I’ve said this before. I’ve said this a lot of time, more than I should have, and yet this is still included here.

At least keep me informed. I don’t expect your messages to pop every fifteen minutes. I’m not to ruin your trip or anything by snatching your precious time glued to your phone. Just make me feel remembered while you’re away. That’s all I’m asking.

Make up for the time lost. Don’t wait for the weekend before we settle things out. I know you’re constantly busy and an hour away and I know I am being selfish to say this but I need to see you right away. Okay? And don’t rely on your phone when trying to patch things up. It will only make the situation worse.

You know these. I know you know. I just can’t understand why these still resurface after all these years. It’s as if you didn’t know me at all.


About storyofjane

Amica Galicinao 🇵🇭 I am a random person. I post anything that comes in my mind. I have a few blogs aside from Wordpress but this is the only site that I'm updating now. Pictures here are taken from my phone and some from the internet. I'm no photographer. I just love taking pictures. Feel free to explore my world and thoughts in words. Have fun! :)
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