It was you. No doubt about it.

I almost forgot about you. Almost.

But there you were, looking exactly like how I accidentally saw you weeks ago. Looking as snob as ever.

I was in my usual place, you weren’t. You were so out of place, wearing your usual garb. I felt the surprise when I saw you. You acted as if everything’s normal. As if you have ever gone to that place in reality.

Did you see me? In my dreams, we were busy doing something. You were busy. My eyes were all on you.

And then what? Change of scene. We were both there. I still could not believe my brains, betraying me even in my deepest slumber. I was there. And you were definitely still there.

I forgot what happened next. Where were we? I was no longer paying attention to what we were supposed to do. We were in a group, I think. I was surrounded by faces I wasn’t familiar with. None held any familiarity at all. Except you.

And then you were gone. And just like that, I woke up feeling lost and betrayed.

That’s the sad thing about waking up from a dream. It leaves as fast as it comes, unknowingly and without warning.


About storyofjane

Amica Galicinao 🇵🇭 I am a random person. I post anything that comes in my mind. I have a few blogs aside from Wordpress but this is the only site that I'm updating now. Pictures here are taken from my phone and some from the internet. I'm no photographer. I just love taking pictures. Feel free to explore my world and thoughts in words. Have fun! :)
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