Villasis, Pangasinan

Hi. It’s been a while. I’ve been itching to update this site since this year started but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so, though I was still able to write some stuff for the past months. Anyway, the reason I want to write here regularly is because I have this project for 2016. I don’t have a name for it (yet), but the idea came when I got a GoPro on my birthday. So why not make use of it by going out of town once a month and capture photos as many as the camera can hold. So…

Flashback January 2016


It was a simple out-of-town getaway to my guy’s hometown, Villasis, Pangasinan. It was a four-hour drive from the metro and this trip was a bit special not just because I get to test shot my camera but because this is like the first time I spent a weekend with my guy’s family, although this was not the first time that I’ve been here. The timing was perfect because they were celebrating Talong (eggplant) Festival and there was a parade the morning we arrived and drum and lyre presentations at the town plaza. At night, we went to the funfair and tried Horror Train and this Jollibee ride I forgot what it was called. It was amazing. It’s like I was transported back to my childhood days in my province.

So this is for my January 2016. My photos are ready for my next adventures. I really really hope to get this site starting again.


About storyofjane

Amica Galicinao 🇵🇭 I am a random person. I post anything that comes in my mind. I have a few blogs aside from Wordpress but this is the only site that I'm updating now. Pictures here are taken from my phone and some from the internet. I'm no photographer. I just love taking pictures. Feel free to explore my world and thoughts in words. Have fun! :)
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