Because I Love You

I will be the good girlfriend you always remind me to be. Whenever you are away for days, sometimes for weeks, you always tell me to be a good girl and in no circumstance I will break that promise to you.

I will try my hardest to understand your nature of work which includes going out of town twice or thrice a month and do foreign trips every now and then. I appreciate all your efforts of keeping the connection even if we were miles apart and most especially for finding time to be with me even if it means hanging out in the nearest open coffee shop at midnight. Our ideal ‘date’ has changed dramatically from daylight museum trips or discovering new cafes to dine in to late-night hang outs and getting disappointed that most of our food cravings are not satisfied because the stores usually are closed already by the time we get out of the house. Still, none of these matter as long as we have each other’s company.

I will aim to become competent in my chosen path. I know my capabilities and weaknesses. I know I have a lot of catching up to do but I will not let that hinder me to achieve our dreams. Your words of comfort and encouragement are the reasons why I was able to surpass my fears and continue to move forward with what I am aiming for in life. 

I will be your source of strength, like you said. I will be your happy pill whenever you are feeling blue. My voice will be the one to comfort you in your most stressful days. My hug will be your fortress when everything around you seems to crumble and fall. I may not be your knight in shining armor, but I promise you I will be by your side in times of your worst battle.

I will never leave you. What else there is to say? We are meant for each other. You are my answered prayer and my happily ever after. 


About storyofjane

Amica Galicinao 🇵🇭 I am a random person. I post anything that comes in my mind. I have a few blogs aside from Wordpress but this is the only site that I'm updating now. Pictures here are taken from my phone and some from the internet. I'm no photographer. I just love taking pictures. Feel free to explore my world and thoughts in words. Have fun! :)
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